“With increasing outrage and sorrow I had been reading newspaper accounts of our wounded veterans coming home from Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan. Finally home now and presumed safe, they were often met with neglect, indifference and bureaucratic stalling, if not outright hostility. I started saving the stories, then just the headlines: suicide, homelessness, post-traumatic stress, loss of hearing, traumatic brain injuries, eye injuries, depression - a litany of suffering. On top of all that, they were having to continually fight the VA system to attain their rightful benefits, paid for in blood and permanent disability.”

Ellen Sidor, Ceramic & Stone Sculptor
Tucson, Arizona
Copyright © 2009

This series of mosaics is looking for a showplace, 90% of sales to go to the Paralyzed Veterans of America organization.
Can you help?

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Pieces are mixed media: Ceramics, glass, military gear, found objects.
Sizes range from 12” x 12” to 23” x 23” in iron frames.

All Images Copyrighted © Wilson P. Graham of Tucson