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The Broken Mask is a small, full-color booklet about the masks we use to fool other people and ourselves about our true nature.

See full page of photos on the Broken Mask section of this website, click here.
1st printing 2007
2nd printing 2009      
$8.00 ppd


A Gathering of Spirit is a collection of Dharma talks edited by Ellen Sidor, taken from three conferences on Women in American Buddhism held at Providence Zen Center in Cumberland RI during 1983, 1984 and 1985.
Teachers included are: Bhikshuni Ane Pema Chodron, Ruth Denison, Maurine Myo-On Stuart Roshi, Gesshin Prabhasa Dharma Roshi, Dr. Joanna Macy, Jacqueline Mandell, Toni Packer, Barbara Rhodes Ji Do Pop Sa Nim and Jan Chozen Bays Sensei.

1st edition 1987
2nd edition 1989
3rd edition 1992
$15.00 ppd


Ptown 20/20 is a collection of block prints and short poems inspired by the hundreds of hours Ellen Sidor spent on the piers, streets and ocean waters of Provincetown. These bold prints and poems are an homage to this beloved art colony and fishing village. Of the 20 block prints included in this book, 14 are shown in the Notecard section below. 

1st Printing 2003
2nd printing 2009
$12.00 ppd


Provincetown Series
$10 per each card, postage paid

Seacoast Series
$10 per each card, postage paid